Ray Framework

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Ray is a framework that helps you to deliver well-designed software without been stuck in your framework.

Are you using Google App Engine? Great! Ray is compatible with it.

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Do you wanna know how to use Ray?

You can start with the documentation, the getting started guide or checking a example of a simple Evernote-like application.

Why use Ray?

The Ray framework it's a kind of mix of Django and Flask. Django it's the kind of framework that you're stuck with it (this is not always a problem), once you start using it, will become hard to get out of it. In the other side, Flask is a micro-framework that you can connect with a lot of plugins from the python community. Ray tries to get the best of both sides, having a small, but powerful core, and allowing plugins to connect with it.

With Ray you can develop powerful REST APIs in a simple way and have the core of your application not coupled with the framework.


Felipe Volpone